Inflationary minting price


One random holder will get
    45048 $ONE


NFT with Tokenomics.
Collection of unique Degdango limited to 2851 only.
One holder will get a Grand price of 45,048 $ONE after the last mint.
12% from every mint will be rewarded to random NFT holder.
Inflationary Degdango on Harmony Ecosystem.

Why onboard ASAP?

Minting starts from 10 $ONE only! & #2851th will be minted at 350 $ONE.
NFT collection that generates passive income.
Every mint rewards holder from price pool of 60,000 $ONE.
Tradable NFTs with unique identities
Cross chain NFT platform.


Degdango marketplace is on the way, where every one can trade their Degdango to open market.
Degdango NFT marketplace will offer trading NFTs with an awesome reward mechanism.
All Degdango NFTs will be tradable in the secondary market!